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Marx’s debut in Wipex


On June 25th, Marx made a touching and motivating speech for the staff of our company. Or rather, it is a journey to share the scenery on his life, the brilliant success and the miserable failure. Seven years ago, Marx came to China without much money and could not speak Chinese, even a character. Also, friends were luxuries. While, now he has been a successful man, the owner of a Button Company and Cheese Cake Shop. He do failed, but he gets the final success. PERSISTENCE! A word that Marx stressed for many times. We need confidence and we MUST be confident; we need dreams and we MUST persist. We choose the way and we MUST go ahead even if it is tough.
Marx himself is the embodiment of positive energy. Because of him, we are becoming confident and determined to the choice we have made. From now on, No hesitation, No wasting time, Focus on your work! But do remember, EVERY ONE DESERVES NOT JUST TO SURVIVE, BUT TO LIVE. Therefore, ENJOY life!

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