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The Spunlace composite technology


Spunlace composite technology research and development, not only overcome the limitations of some of the non-woven products, varieties, and greatly broaden the applications of spunlace non-woven fabric, but also promotes the spunlace technology and even the non-woven fabric technologydevelopment and improvement.

(1) spunlace pulp airflow into a network of composite technology. Wood pulp prices are much cheaper than short fibers Spunlaced hygroscopicity and feel of the fluff pulp products made cheaper than all the fiber products, very competitive on price, but in the process demanding on the filtration system. The product can be used as a wipe cloth (70 g/m2), the core material in diapers and sanitary napkins. Spunlace and wood pulp airlaid composite of equipment Fleissner company Aquapulp, the Perfojet the Airlace.

(2) spunlace filament spunbond fiber web composite technology. The method of composite products both good absorption properties the spunbond than strong and short fibers of the municipal system, and more spunbond uniform soft, water and oil absorption function, and higher intensity can be used as a food wrapping cloth decorative cloth and clean with a cloth. Spunlace and spunbond composite equipment company Flerssner Aquqspun, Aquasplit. And Freudenberg, the Evolon processing technology.

(3) spunlace composite technology. The typical process the the Detex company Hydraspun technology by the the Detex company wetlaid technology combination Unicharm company registered in Japan of the Soflom spunlace method. Hyderaspun wet spunlace non-woven fabric strength and softness equivalent to or exceed the spunlace non-woven fabric of traditional dry and wet spun-laced non-woven cloth, lint-free shavings, seam tensile strength of dry spunlace twice that of the non-woven fabric, especially for apparel.

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